SAMRIDH SINHA | 3rd May 2021

Dear Paul Labile Pogba,

If you ever happen to come across this open letter of sorts, don’t go. Please do not leave Manchester United. Yes, I’m whimpering already. And it goes without saying that I support the biggest club in the world.

If the thought of you leaving is so horrific, I wonder what the actual departure would entail. I guess these feelings can be mirrored to a whole generation’s feelings towards the Beatles’ breakup.

I realize this may have a ‘Stan’ vibe to it, also considering this being a letter even gives me flashbacks of the music video but the more you see it as tribute to you being arguably the most complete midfielder in the world, the less creepier it gets.

Paul, your critics are as accurate as a drunk man playing darts, for I fail to regard people who discredit the showmanship he puts on when we need him the most. Man United were on the brink of bowing out of Europa League in Milan when you were half-fit and were asked to suit up to change the course of the tie at half-time. You put on your magic boots and began dissecting the Milan midfield, inevitably popping up in the box and chipping the ball over 6’4” Gianluigi Donnarumma, making sure United go through to the quarter-finals.

To describe the you as a rebel is fair. Who can forget when you showed up at the Etihad with your hair coloured blue in a Manchester Derby for crying out loud? But then you also subsequently revived a finished game after City were leading 2-0 in the first-half by scoring a brilliant brace and making sure they don’t win the league against us, of all clubs.

That is what you do, you inspire. The video of you motivating your fellow French teammates right before the World Cup final is a true testament of your character. The media like to spin stories about how you’re a “toxic presence” in the dressing room when there’s nothing to say that. Dab all you want, bust out of the Pogbance on the ‘gram because some people almost choose to wake up to tear you down.

Pogz, you can pick out a pass with the precision of threading a needle. Heck I’ll say it, there is Paul Scholes, there’s you and then the rest follow in terms of your eye for a pass in our storied history of midfield maestros.

Why I believe you’re arguably the most complete midfielder on the planet is because there’s no role where you can’t step up. Playing as a No.6, an attacking midfielder, even played out wide, especially on the left; heck, you’d even play up top and silence the haters if Solskjaer asked you to.

If anyone out there ever doubts the World Cup winner’s quality if and when you fail to get a goal or an assist, something that is almost blasphemous in an era where football is looked at in very black and white terms, your performances when United have a seasoned goalscorer up top answer all the questions.

After all, your standout displays for us have come when we’ve had Zlatan Ibrahimovic or even Edinson Cavani at the minute. When the red half of Manchester have got killers like them up top, you can get cooking.

And keeping the numbers aside, anyone that appreciates the beautiful game loves watching you when you’re doing what you’re born to do. Your lanky legs pull out tricks from a high school playground to dribble past the meanest midfields in Europe. Your wondrous right foot almost seems like it’s got Super Glue all over it, the way any pass out of the sky just sticks onto your right peg.

And while you’ve got all the tricks and flicks in your locker, the screamers from outside the box against West Ham and Fulham is just a reminder of how clutch you can be.

Conceded, from a fan perspective, all the agent drama and the constant speculation is something that’s a headache. Yet, it is imperative for the club I love to tie you down with a contract extension and outline a path of greatness for a lad who is as ready for world domination as if has ever looked.

The ride hasn’t been smooth but you stuck by us and we stuck by you. From breaking into the first-team in 2011 to proving your worth at the Vecchia Signora and coming back to Old Trafford, despite the bad blood, you proved your love for this club. You aren’t perfect and there are things that have made the fans raise their eyebrows. For instance, agent drama right before the crucial tie against PSG.

But as I said, it’s time to turn over a new leaf because you’ve shown the world what a content Paul Pogba is capable of. And to Mourinho of course, against Spurs. I’m sorry, I had to get that in there.

To a new legacy and making United great again, stay.


A United fan, through and through.